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Cardboard & Paper

cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are industrially prefabricated boxes, primarily used for packaging goods and materials and can also be recycled.We stock a variety of standard sizes for people on the move.Available in single and double wall board.

corrugated sfk cardboard roll

Corroboard Provides excellent rigidity, structural strength and cushioning of goods while in transit.Corroboard is environmentally friendly, recyclable and completely biodegradable.

Corroboard also resists impact, drop and vibration damage.Available in various sizes.

KRAFT PAPER mandini paper

kraft paper with high elasticity and high tear resistance, designed for packaging products with high demands for strength and durability.

branded boxes custom boxes

How about custom cardboard boxes, sized perfectly to hold your product? We design & manufacture a wide variety of cartons and boxes.

pallet box ,export box

Getting your items packed and ready for shipping abroad can be simple and trouble-free with our range of export-ready pallet boxes. Double Wall Corrugated Pallet Boxes. Constructed from heavy duty double wall cardboard. Providing excellent crush and tear resistance.

1 ply toilet paper.2ply toilet paper

We offer a range of toilet paper and tissue available in various grades to suit our customers requirements.

postal tubes,mailing tubes

Cardboard postal tubes provide all round protection, and can be used time and again. They are not just for posters, charts, artwork and maps, a postal tube can be used to store or mail any long cylindrical object. This product is normally custom made to customers specifications .

edge guad,cardboard corner protectors

Edge Guard made from pressed board helps to protect products from strapping damage and protects the corners of your goods. Available in different lengths .

NEWS PRINT.blank news paper

Blank newspaper is a cost-effective choice for house moving or storage and is ideal for scrunching up as void-fill.

pallet pads,pallet sheets,pallet inserts

Pallet sheets are a protective sheet insert used between boxes or products on pallets.Pallet sheets reduce slippage and offers protection to your product.These sheets are sold in single wall and double wall thicknesses.

Kraftex.buitemen kraft paper

Kraftex reinforced and non-reinforced bitumenised kraft paper waterproofer is ideally suited for road construction, building paper, steel wrapping, crate lining and lining sealant.

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