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Tapes & labels

clear packaging tape

Acrylic tapes are ideal for packaging applications involving extreme temperatures, such as refrigeration, and for sealing boxes that will be warehoused over a long period of time.Available in clear and brown.

hotmelt packaging tape,buff tape

Hot melt tape has an exceptionally strong holding power, making it one of the most durable tapes on the market.

fragile tape

Fragile tape is a quick and easy way of coding your fragile letters and parcels so that they can easily be identified in post rooms to ensure that they are treated with care.

custom printed tape.branded tape

Printed packaging tape can be used as an advertising, security or branding tool. Printing your company name, logo and contact information on packaging tapes creates brand awareness.

Tamper-Evident-Tape,seurity tape

Security tape used in the packaging and protection of important and valuable goods. A void security message is totally transferred to the substrate when the tape is removed.

masking-tape,painters tape

Masking tape, also known as painter's tape, is a type of pressure-sensitive tape made of a thin and easy-to-tear paper, and an easily released pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is available in a variety of widths. It is used mainly in painting, to mask off areas that should not be painted.

double sided tape

General purpose double sided tape used in signage industry and the applications of carpets. Used for the overlapping of roof insulation.

pvc insulation tape,pipe wrap tape

General purpose PVC Insulation Tape specifically used for demarcations and pipe wrapping.

cross weave filament tape,2 directional filament tape

A strong glass filament Cross Weave tape which has been made to provide good adhesion to a variety of surfaces. Good for heavy duty sealing.

Teflon Tape.

Teflon tape is well known for its smooth surface,non stick,chemical resistance, high temperature resistance and insulating properties.Teflon tape is most commonly used on impulse and heat sealing machines.

duct tape,duck tape

Duct tape is a wide cloth adhesive tape originally designed for sealing joints in heating or air-conditioning ducts.

floor marking tape,demarcation tape

Demarcation tape is a high performance, conformable tape ideally suited to colour coding and demarcation of factory and other floor areas. It has a synthetic acrylic adhesive that has good adhesion to a variety of surfaces.

warning tape,barrier tape, printed barrier tape, custom barrier tape

Non-adhesive warning tape or barrier tape are popular tapes used as a simple barrier for the temporary cordoning off of hazardous sites.

Printed security tape  serves as a security measure and prevents tampering."if the box does not come with this tape,do not sign for it" We can also include your company logo and information in between the security label.

branded barrier tape. custom barrier tape. danger tape. bunting tape .printed barrier tape

Looking to stand out and make a lasting impression at exhibitions and promote your brand? Our custom barrier tape is the answer! Whether you want to create eye-catching marketing strategies at exhibitions or effectively close off restricted areas, our barrier tape does it all.

custom labels,branded labels

we stock and manufacture a variety of different custom labels including fragile,this side up ,corrosive and warning labels.We can also manufacture labels according our customers requirments.

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