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safety & security

Security pallet wrap is used to wrap valuable cargo and offers a tamper proof function as this film is not easily accessible on the market.

security pallet wrap
black palet wrap

Black pallet wrap is totally opaque to ensure your contents are disclosed.

Security tape used in the packaging and protection of important and valuable goods. A void security message is totally transferred to the substrate when the tape is removed.


silica gel adsorbs moisture from the air, preventing damage at the point of use of the compressed air due to condensation or moisture.Available in various sizes

silica gel

Security seals are mechanisms used to seal shipping containers in a way that provides tamper evidence and some level of security.Available is various styles and materials.

courier bags

Our courier bags are made from 100% recyclable material and are Puncture resistant.These bags Have a document pouch and a permanent adhesive flap making it tamper proof.

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