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Protective Packaging

airothene foam,aerothene sponge

Airothene foam is used by furniture manufacturers to wrap and protect their furniture. Airothene can be used for any type of application where a product needs to be protected whilst in storage or in transit.Airothene is available in various sizes and thicknesses.

bubble wrap

Bubble wrap is a pliable transparent plastic material used for packing fragile items. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for fragile items. Available in a standard size (1250mm x 100m) we can slit the roll into 3 on special request.

corrugated sfk cardboard roll

Corroboard Provides excellent rigidity, structural strength and cushioning of goods while in transit.Corroboard is environmentally friendly, recyclable and completely biodegradable.Corroboard also resists impact, drop and vibration damage.Available in various sizes.

anti static bubble wrap,pink bubble wrap

Anti-static bubble wrap dissipates surface charges and prevents the build up of static discharge, making this bubble wrap the ideal choice for items that are sensitive to static electricity.

polystyrene chips,wiggly worms,packaging peanuts

Wiggly worms are great fillers and protective materials for boxes that help to take up excessive space and act as protective materials for goods.

mailing tubes,posal tubes

Cardboard postal tubes provide all round protection, and can be used time and again. They are not just for posters, charts, artwork and maps, a postal tube can be used to store or mail any long cylindrical object. This product is normally custom made to customers specifications .

courier bags ,tamper proof bags

Our courier bags are made from 100% recyclable material and are Puncture resistant.These bags Have a document pouch and a permanent adhesive flap making it tamper proof.

cardboard corner protecors,edge guard

Edge Guard made from pressed board helps to protect products from strapping damage and protects the corners of your goods. Available in different lengths .

document protectors

Document protectors bags have full glue backings for enhanced security.A great help when labeling stock or parcels.Available in 3 sizes.

air pillows

Air pillows are most commonly used for shipping and cushioning in order to prevent fragile items from breaking in transit. They are made from a non-abrasive poly and protect items against scratching and chipping, as well as being smashed or damaged during shipment.

jiffy lite envelopes,protection envelopes

Jiffy Lite Envelopes are one of the best shipping protection range you can buy that is perfect for your semi-fragile items. These Jiffy Lite envelopes are light in weight and therefore will save you money on your postal costs.

blue pool bubble wrap, blue bubble wrap, bubble wrap for pools, bubble blanket, pool cover , blue bubble wrap

Blue Pool Bubble Wrap is a versatile and highly effective solution for minimizing water evaporation in swimming pools.  The distinctive blue color not only complements the aesthetics of your pool but also helps to regulate the temperature by reducing heat loss and preventing debris from entering the water. Keep your pool pristine, conserve water, and save on maintenance with Blue Pool Bubble Wrap.

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